• Debtfair

    Exhibition Dates: March 17- June 11, 2017

    Whitney Museum of American Art, 5th floor
    99 Gansevoort Street
    New York, NY 10014

    Formed during the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011, Occupy Museums connects the struggle for economic and social equity to art institutions, highlighting instances when they propagate and normalize injustice. In 2012, the collective launched Debtfair, an exhibition platform that categorizes artists according to their debts and other financial realities. The system reveals the relationships binding individuals to the banks holding their loans—a hidden but highly consequential factor underlying American art.

    For the new version of Debtfair, Occupy Museums produced for the Biennial, the collective generated a survey for American artists (with a focus on those from Puerto Rico) on the website debtfair.org, gathering data from over five hundred applicants. Selected works from thirty of these indebted artists were then literally embedded into a wall of the Whitney Museum and organized according to the type of debt that they owe.